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Noor Wali
Dr. Muhammad Zubair
Najib Ullah


The US and the Afghan Taliban signed an agreement for bringing peace to Afghanistan in Doha on February 29, 2020, to end the long war in Afghanistan, which Afghans have suffered for more than two decades. This study aimed to identify the challenges to the implementation of the Doha peace agreement 2020. This qualitative study used the exploratory method. For data collection, primary and secondary sources were used. Primary data was collected through key informant interviews. The respondents were from three different groups, such as journalists, politicians, and academics, and also used secondary sources from books, journal articles, reports, and online blogs. The result suggests that there are certain challenges and obstacles of a different nature. These hindrances are categorized into several themes, including the interests and interventions of international players in Afghanistan, the involvement of local actors often aligned with major international players to the detriment of Afghanistan’s interests and the hindrance of agreement implementation, and the Taliban policies towards women and their (alleged) human rights violations. In contravention of international laws, human rights charters, and norms, these violations underscore the discriminatory treatment faced by women. Additionally, the suspension of intra-Afghan talks exacerbates the situation, particularly concerning the denial of rights to minority religious sects in Afghanistan. In conclusion, the findings reveal multifaceted challenges to the implementation of Doha agreement progress, encompassing the interventions of international players, the complicity of local actors, and Taliban policies regarding women’s rights. These obstacles, coupled with the suspension of intra-Afghan talks, underscore the complexity of achieving sustainable peace and human rights in Afghanistan.

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Noor Wali, Dr. Muhammad Zubair, & Najib Ullah. (2024). CHALLENGES TO THE IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS OF DOHA PEACE AGREEMENT (2020). International Journal of Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences, 3(2), 2437–2444. Retrieved from