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Muhammad Zia Ul Haq


Gender-based violence is a harmful act which aims at damaging individuals because of their gender, particularly against women. Many civil society organizations are gradually improving their struggle against this social evil. The government has given attention to this issue recently due to increasing public awareness and landmark court judgments. This study aims to explore various segments of the institutional support to prevent gender-based violence. This institutional support is also available to the victims and survivals of GBV in Pakistan. The study explores some details of state response to mitigate GBV in Pakistan. It elaborates the framework that is developed by the government for contesting Gender-Based Violence in Pakistan. It includes constitutional and legal provisions related to GBV, landmark judgments of superior courts related to GBV, the Federal Sexual Violence Response Framework (FSVRF), and the National Policy on Ending Violence against Women & Girls 2019, Punjab Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM), Punjab Women Protection Authority and Violence against Women Center (VAWC), Multan. The article also discusses initiation and performance of GBV courts in Pakistan. The implementation of fair trial in GBV courts, the need for the establishment of GBV courts and the history of GBV courts in Pakistan is also part of this discussion. The conclusion of the study suggests further recommendations to make state response to GBV more effective and stronger, so that Pakistani state can effectively contribute in the process of civilization of Pakistani society.

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