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Adil Ahmad Mughal


The mathematical transversality in this paper yields Economically transversal non-substitution theorems for technology and market development level in which any non-transversal technology vectors remain unpriced. This result implies imports and exports to be complements, not substitutes. These theorems are reached by giving a uniquely path-lifting universal covering space for a Riesz kernel-like property for unique price functions to construct a global regular-valued equilibrium manifold. The universal covering formulation is justified through invariance of domain and dimension, and Borsuk-Ulam in the argument of a trivial fundamental group that enables a Sard-like transversality. A theorem is also given for a transversal measure space for the equilibrium proof using Dirac measure.

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Adil Ahmad Mughal. (2024). TRANSVERSAL NON-SUBSTITUTION THEOREMS. International Journal of Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences, 3(2), 1540–1545. Retrieved from